Postage Stamps
Postage Stamps are sold by the book from each office.



U.S. Savings Bonds
You can redeem your Saving Bonds at both of our offices.



CUSA members can skip a loan payment once a year for a low fee of $25. All loans can be skipped except for Lines of Credit and VISA Credit Cards. Simply fill out a Skip-A-Payment coupon and fax it to a branch near you. Click here for Printable Skip-A-Payment Coupon



Money Orders
Money Orders are available in any amount up to $1,000. We charge a low fee of $1.00 per money order sold. 



ACH Transfers
This new service gives you the opportunity to make loan payments and account deposits. All transfers will post on the following business day. Complete a ACH Transfer form and fax it  to any branch. Click here for Printable ACH Transfer Form



Wire Transfers
Wire Transfers are a convenient way to electronically transfer funds to other financial institutions. Click here for printable incoming wire instructionsClick here for printable outgoing wire form.



Chevron Payroll
Click here for Printable Chevron Payroll Instructions


CU Service Centers
Shared branching is a cooperative network of credit unions that have joined together and created shared service centers across the country. By sharing facilities, credit unions can offer greater convenience to you to access your accounts at many locations just as if you were at your home credit union.

Shared Service Centers can conduct a range of transaction services, such as cashing checks, making deposits, and withdrawals. To take advantage of this service, you will need to bring your Credit Union's Name, Account Number, and Valid Government-issued I.D., State Drivers license, or US Passport. 



VISA Gift Cards
Visa Gift Cards are available at all locations at a low fee.



GAP Insurance
GAP coverage is designed especially for new car purchases. New car owners should be aware that buying a new car and driving it off the dealership lot automatically depreciates its value. GAP coverage is designed to fill the gap between the depreciated value of your new car and the replacement cost should an accident occur. Your auto insurance only covers the cost to replace your vehicle with a similarly depreciated model. We offer a low cost policy that leaves no gaps in the coverage. You can purchase GAP coverage from CUSA for a low cost of $295.00. Many drivers find that the peace of mind they get from purchasing a GAP policy is completely worth the added expense.



Mechanical Repair Coverage
Provides repair cost protection to supplement and extend the manufacturers warranty on new or eligible used vehicles.



CARFAX History Report
CUSA will be happy to share a CARFAX History Report for you at NO cost. CARFAX Vehicle History Reports help you make more informed decisions about used cars, providing information on the following Salvage, Flood, Frame Damage, Accidents reported to CARFAX, Number of Owners, Manufacturer Recalls, and Major Repairs.    



More Member Savings

Sprint Credit Union Member Discount Program makes now the best time for credit union members to save money on your wireless service. Sprint has phones, PDAs, push to talk, data service plans, music downloads, TV and more! 

Now is the best time to be a credit union member!  Get great discounts on gifts and decorations when shopping online at select Shop America online stores!  Plus select stores have additional deals and the best part of all- you don't even have to leave home to do it!

As a credit union member you can purchase all your electronic needs through Dell and Invest in America, and you could receive Dell Advantage.


Change of Address

Move recently? Keep your account up to date! Fill out a Change of Address form. Click here.